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  We accept a full range of commission work. This includes, Monuments, Portrait Busts, Corporate Gifts and Awards. We encourage you to ask us about what we can do for you. We offer the highest quality creations and castings available today at highly competitive prices. Let us know what you are planning regarding sculpture or other works of Fine Art and we will immediately give you a quote including costs and timeframe.

Please call (503) 784-5001 to get information on the process, time frame and cost to commission a bust or a bronze sculpture in any other subject. No Pressure. No Obligation. Just Information.

The Process

Master Sculpture

This is the original Master Sculpture created in oil clay by the artist. In this case it is 1.5x larger than life!

A skilled artist can create an exact likeness by using detailed photographs including a good profile shot.

After modeling this Master Sculpture will be approved by the client before going to the next step.



The Master Sculpture is prepared for Molding. Shims are placed around the Master Sculpture to properly divide the bust for the Silicon Rubber Mold.



Layers of Silicon Rubber are applied to the Sculpture to create a flexible rubber mold. Finally, a fiberglass reinforced encasement is added to support the Mold.



The finished mold is now ready for making the Wax Pattern which will be used in the Lost Wax process to produce the Bronze Casting at the Foundry.


Bronze Casting

Portrait of Dwayne O. AndreasThe bronze bust is cast in several pieces which are welded and chased by the Foundry artisans to have the same detail and look of the original oil clay Master. Once this is accomplished the image is finished (pattined) by applying a combination of heat and chemicals. This gives the Bronze Casting its rich color.

This is an Heroic Size (1 1/2 life size) Bronze Bust of Dwayne O. Andreas, Chairman, Archer Danials Midland Company. It is a fine example of a commissioned portraiture bust produced by Fox International, Inc.-Fine Art. We can produce a Fine Art bust of you that would be equally as impressive. Please call or E-Mail David Fox for specific information.



Other Commissions
In addition to Commissioned Portrait Busts we can produce any other image that you need for your Corporation or your Personal Collection.

Corporate Awards

These fine Golf Awards are now available in Bronze and Coldcast. This is an example of the type of image we can create for your special need. We are not limited to the subjects and images we can create in Bronze or Coldcast for you.

We can create the perfect Image for your Company.

Size:9" Tall


Custom Corporate Awards


These custom corporate awards were recently created for an insurance company to be used as an achievement award.


10" Tall


We have the capability of sculpting, enlarging, molding and casting Monumental, Corporate and Private Sculptures. See Rebbeca Clack's monumental Battling Stallions and Life Size Reclining Lions.

We can provide you with general information or a detailed quote for you own project. Call David Fox 503-222-2306 for more information.
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